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Glare free satin finish

Classic muscle back design

Low profile sole

52, 56 & 60 lofts

Prairie Golf's three step wedge system is a great compliment to our already successful line of putters, drivers, fairway woods and irons. The custom designed models 52, 56 and 60 lofts fit all your short game shots.

Prairie Golf Wedges have a classic blade look with a soft non-chrome satin finish. Great looks and a solid feel are only two reasons The Prairie Golf Wedges system is right for you. Buy the entire set of three or purchase them individually to fit your game. Either way they will help you improve your game.

Nebraska PGA
Omaha Cox
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Club              Loft            Lie          Bounce
Gap GW         52              64                6
Sand SW        56              64               12
Low  LW         60              64                4
sw back
sw sole
sw face
gw back
gw sole
lw back