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As we continue to familiarize ourselves further with all of the incredible products currently available from Prairie Golf, we are already looking to the future and the opportunities that are available to take the company to the next level.  The line of 100% milled putters currently in our line can best be described as the finest in the golf industry, and with our ability to produce these beautiful heads right here in our Omaha facility, this will continue to be a significant portion of our business.

We are also extremely excited with the new forgiving LCG Irons seen by a few golfers, and will strive to continue to implement cutting-edge designs with future models. 

We are very confident that the new 460cc driver under development will be a major player in this market, and give players the extra distance and confidence that they are striving for.  The driver will also serve to compliment our re-designed Pro Steel fairway woods to create a spectacular collection.

With regards to professional golf, we have already planted seeds of interest from a couple of players in the Nebraska Section, but also on the major professional tours.  Be sure to continue checking in to see who will be the latest to select these quality products to put in their bags to help take their games to that next level.
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